About us

Ven. Hak Sienghai Executive Director

Ven. Hak Sienghai
Executive Director

Buddhism for Education of Cambodia is non-profit organization founded by volunteer monks which is officially registered at Cambodian ministry of interior through an informed certificate number 889 dated on July 04 2012 in which the headquarter is situated at House Number 630,Kammakor Village,Svaypor Commune,Battambang Town and province, Cambodia.

BEC is founded in the purpose of promoting Buddhist Moral Value and social welfare.

So far, BEC has actively implemented the mission to achieve its vision by reaching youth and students at Buddhist university, private university, school, village, monastery, prison in order to provide proper and effective education with Buddhist discipline, universal education, presentation, printing and distributing Dhamma book, notebook, pen, and other study equipments to poor children, monks, students, and teachers. For the charity, we have done housing and donate living supplies to the vulnerable families and supporting their children for schooling.


Buddhism for Education of Cambodia envisions to promote Buddhist Moral Value  and to support Cambodian youth, children, aged persons who are vulnerable in order to have a chance to live happily and obtain equal education without discrimination so that they abide by the social law and human rights.


Buddhism for Education of Cambodia upholds Buddhist Educational system, provides human rights and moral education to children, youth and all Cambodian people, serves old-aged persons ,supports vulnerable children to obtain education equally, educates people to abide by the law and human rights so that they know how to save time and money and preserve their culture, civilization and tradition, prevents from abusing, discriminating, human trafficking, violating, using drugs, and reduces poverty.


-Teaching all classes of Khmer people to live in society with moral codes of conduct, peace, development, dignity, harmony both bodily and mental.

Monastic Education

BEC strongly promotes monastic education through its close cooperation with the Buddhist University in Battambang, Aoeng Thoung Buddhist High School and Wat Slaket Buddhist Primary School.