1. Youth Education
Offers Buddhist morality training to communities and educational institutions throughout the country.
The purpose of this program is to teach Cambodia’s youth how to live their lives both peacefully and

2. Prisoner Education
Provide Dhamma Talk and meditation to inmates at the Battambang Prison compound. Each Friday, Buddhist Monks from BEC conduct classes and meditation sessions for inmates. The program serves to restore broken relationships and teaches criminals how to live non-violently.

3. Media Dhamma Talks
Live on the radio every day and on the television twice weekly, the program shares Buddha’s teaching
and promotes social values – builds social capital, social cohesion and aims to reverse the cycle of direct, structural, and cultural violence. By reaching out to Cambodian society, BEC attempts to address those societal elements that tend to drive social fragmentation: greed, hated, and delusion.

4. Children Sponsorship
Focuses on education for orphans and poor children most in need of assistance. The emphasis here is to extend financial support and school supplies to disadvantaged children so the have opportunity to get and education.

5. Caring for the Poor and Aging
Investing time on a large abandoned population mostly in rural areas. Through this program, BEC offers humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering of the most marginalized citizens.