1) Prisoner Education Project : Everyday Friday, BEC volunteer monks always come to teach inmate the Buddhist discipline at Battambang Prison with more than 2,000 prisoners participated . Each month we conduct 4 times from 8 to 10 AM  and 2 to 5 PM usually every Friday . We run this program since July 04, 2012 up to now there are over 4,000 prisoners have joined in learning Dhamma.

2) Youth Education Project: It is conducted at least twice a month at any educational institutions to present the code of conduct through Buddhism to young generation, especially for the youth. In our Seminar, we also distribute Dhamma book donated by Dhamma Aid Asia(DAA) in which we have got 7,000 in number of books and thousands of students have also learned with us throughout Cambodia. We have also implement this project regularly in Kampheng primary school with 600 students learning Dhamma every week.

4) Children Sponsorship Project: The children from poor family or orphans who could not afford for schooling.BEC will provide sponsorship such as clothe, bicycle and study supplies and monthly payment so that they could keep going to school for their future.

5) The Poor and aged care Project : BEC comes to village and remote area to look for the needy and aged people to support them with food and living supplies to relief them from hardship in living.